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Careers at BI Incorporated

Why Work at BI

Why a Career with BI is Right for You

If a career in criminal justice interests you, BI is your landing zone. If you want to make a difference in the quality and safety of our communities, BI is right for you. Improving the safety of our communities is paramount for our company. We offer competitive and comprehensive benefits and opportunities for all skill levels. While our team of professionals is experienced and motivated, we need you and your ideas.

Who we are

BI is a trusted partner in the industry because we stand behind our products and services, and we have remained a steady presence in the field for more than two decades. We are the nation's largest provider of offender monitoring technology, treatment and training services for local, state and federal correctional agencies. We support approximately 900 correctional agencies throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam, Canada and Australia. Our home office is in Boulder, Colorado; our industry-leading call monitoring center is located in Anderson, Indiana, and we have offices in local communities throughout the United States.