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Employee Spotlights

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Stacie, Software Quality Assurance Analyst
16 Years of Service

"My team plans, executes and documents all test activities for business software applications. We work with customer-facing applications

such as TotalAccess and AccuTrax as well as internal applications. We also get very early exposure to new products since they must be integrated into the software. I really enjoy that aspect of my work. Ultimately, we aim to deliver frequent software releases with new functionality that are user-friendly, helpful and effective.

From giving me the tools to better myself to allowing me opportunities to be promoted from within, I can’t say enough about how BI has supported me as an employee. My team is very close-knit and we all share a strong sense of camaraderie. Overall, this has amounted to a great working environment."

Laurie, Monitoring Customer Service Representative
14 Years of Service

"My job involves continual customer interaction. I’m responsible for setting up new monitoring customers by preparing, updating and

maintaining their data. I work closely with multiple departments such as sales, training, and customer business services to best understand what customers need and what their program goals are. This includes changing procedures, adding new equipment, trouble-shooting and more.

Solving complicated customer issues, such as accommodating complex procedures, is the most satisfying part of my job. I enjoy pleasing customers through my work and adding a personal touch whenever I can. The work I do each day is very interesting and ever-changing. There is such variety from day-to-day and I really like that."

Mark, Inventory Specialist
4 Years of Service

"Each day is a little different for me, but some of my daily activities include running a safety stock report, reconciling stock against what

has been shipped, performing cycle counts to determine if inventory is accurate, fulfilling supply orders and restocking inventory. I also support production and product engineering with their materials needs. I always try to identify better ways of doing things or making processes more efficient. Most recently, BI has enabled me to work towards my certification in production and inventory management (CPIM).

Everyone here has to be prepared to wear many hats. When we are under pressure to ship out large orders, meet aggressive deadlines or reach our goals, we all work together. Everyone steps up and does what is necessary to get the job done."

Reri, Employment Coordinator
4 Years of Service

"I began my career at BI as a Case Manager at one of the Illinois Spotlight Day Reporting Centers. Now, as Employment Coordinator

I still carry a caseload and also focus on giving clients the tools and resources to succeed in finding employment. I provide employment readiness groups and assist clients with interviewing skills, completing applications, creating resumes and finding job leads. My job gives me the continued privilege of impacting a very important aspect of our clients’ lives – employment.

The training opportunities I’ve been given at BI have been pretty incredible. For me it has involved receiving training and also getting to train others. I’ve traveled to other parts of the country to train staff on conducting the LSI-R and employment readiness groups. These opportunities have been invaluable. If you really want to impact people’s lives in a positive way, BI is one of the best places to do it."

Dawn, Customer Business Services Manager
3 Years of Service

"In my role, I'm empowered to take action when needed which is very gratifying. From automating manual processes to creating new

solutions for customers, I have the ability to make positive changes that impact our business as a whole and our customers. Seeing continual progress within my team and the company is exciting.

This job allows me to put my years of accounting experience to work while providing equal opportunity to work with people – something I really enjoy. I work closely with customers and internal departments such as manufacturing, sales, information systems, and marketing. My peers throughout these departments are incredible people, with a strong commitment to what they do. I value the sense of teamwork across all departments and I feel that what I do contributes to the difference BI is making in our communities."