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BI HomeGuard® 206 - For Offenders without Home Phones

BI HomeGuard® 206 is a curfew monitoring system that solves the challenge of supervising offenders without traditional landlines. With this cellular system, corrections agencies can monitor the absence or presence of an individual at a certain place during a certain time.

How HomeGuard 206 works

The HomeGuard 206 was engineered from BI HomeGuard 200, the industry standard in radio frequency electronic monitoring. With HomeGuard 206, officers can reliably monitor individuals for compliance to curfews and schedules. The offender wears a durable transmitter, which communicates with the HomeGuard 206 cellular receiver. This information is relayed to the monitoring center via cellular communication to compare against pre-determined schedules.

Easy installation

The HomeGuard 206 receiver has an embedded cellular unit which eliminates the need for a traditional landline. No extra equipment is necessary making installation and inventory management more simple.

Make updates directly via the Web

At any time, supervising officers can make updates to client schedules, profiles, and other data directly via a secure, Web-based application called BI TotalAccess®.

To find out how BI HomeGuard® 206 can support your agency's needs, please call us at 800.701.5171 or email