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BI Cognitive Behavioral Programs for Parolee Reentry

Parole agencies are under tremendous pressure today to manage more prisoners returning to parole in local communities. By referring high-risk parolees-those offenders most likely to commit a violation or crime-to a BI Parolee Reentry Program, agencies can conserve resources, lower costs, change criminal thinking, and improve public safety.

Evidence-based practice gets results, reduces recidivism

BI Parolee Reentry Programs are located in neighborhoods where many high-risk parolees return after long periods incarcerated. These BI programs get results through evidence-based practice centered on corrections research, including daily reporting, intensive case management, cognitive behavioral treatment and connecting clients to long-term community resources. Typical clients include:

  • Prison inmates being released who have a history of drug and alcohol problems
  • Individuals assessed with high risk and needs
  • Technical parole violators

Benefits to agencies

  • Clients in these programs cost the state a fraction of incarceration
  • These programs can be rapidly implemented in 60 to 90 days
  • Reduces prison overcrowding by getting repeat offenders out of the system
  • Targets chronic criminal behavior and thinking
  • Allows states to postpone or avoid new prison bed construction
  • Outsourcing to BI allows states to avoid staffing liabilities
  • Centers become positive hubs of activity for parolees
  • Supports busy parole officers by managing problematic offenders

For the last 15 years, BI Incorporated has delivered community-based cognitive behavioral programs for state and local agencies. At these programs, BI assesses client risk and needs, develops a behavior change plan, and delivers treatment and training in areas such as substance abuse, life skills, employment readiness, anger management, domestic violence, parenting and more.

To learn more about BI's Cognitive Behavioral Programs or to schedule a tour to see how this approach works, please call us at 800.701.5171 or email