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Offender Self-Reporting with Voice Verification :: BI Self ReportSM

BI Self ReportSM, powered by AnyTraxTM, is a low-cost, proven case management tool ideal for relieving officer workload associated with administrative or "banked" caseloads, lower risk supervision caseloads, and pretrial caseloads.

How Self Report works

Using BI Self Report, clients call an automated system to verify their identity through biometric “voice print” authentication. Then, they easily report status changes, compliance with conditions of release, basic changes in employment or home address, attendance at treatment programs and more. If a client forgets to check in, Self Report makes reminder calls which can enhance client compliance. Supervising officers can maintain periodic contact with a large number of clients with little effort – saving time and resources. No equipment is required except a telephone.

Enrolling is easy

To enroll on Self Report, a client provides a voiceprint by responding to a series of prompts. This baseline voiceprint is then matched to the caller’s voiceprint each time he or she calls into the system. A voiceprint is unique to each person, may be verified in seconds and is easy to obtain with a brief call from any telephone.

Managing violations can be customized

Violation alerts and daily summary reports are forwarded to officers using the methods that are convenient and appropriate to their work patterns and caseloads. Officers review and resolve client reporting exceptions via a secure, password-protected Web site.

To find out how BI Self ReportSM can help officers reduce administrative work and cope with large caseloads, please call us at 800.701.5171 or email