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Hand-held GPS and Cellular Alcohol Monitoring : SOBERLINK ® SL2


Through a calculated conversion, the SL2 measures alcohol in the body by its concentration in breath, also known as breath alcohol concentration (BrAC). SOBERLINK is introducing Adaptive Facial Recognition™ software in early 2014 that makes SL2 the most automated mobile alcohol monitoring system on the market.

Mobile Alcohol Monitoring Technology

Today’s mobile world requires mobile solutions. SL2 is an innovative, handheld, wireless testing device for secure mobile alcohol monitoring. A patented, discreet cellular device, the SL2 transmits BrAC test results in real-time, enabling agencies to monitor offender sobriety – anytime, anywhere.

Cost-Effective Alcohol Monitoring

DUIs, domestic violence and family court cases have led to an increased demand for alcohol monitoring in the community. The SL2 upholds the highest standard in remote alcohol monitoring and provides corrections agencies, offenders, lawyers and judges a cost-effective and discreet alternative to continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) devices. A mobile device with a sleek and compact design, the SL2 collects a deep-lung breath sample, measuring BrAC, while simultaneously photographing the offender and registering a GPS point for facial recognition.

Scheduled Tests

Scheduled testing up to 4 times a day allows officers to test clients when the chance of an alcohol event is most likely. Automatic text message alerts remind offenders when a test is due and provides a 15 minute warning before and after the scheduled test time.

Easy to Use

The SOBERLINK SL2 is an intuitive and easy to use device. Clients simply power the unit on, insert the mouthpiece and follow the directions on the backlit LCD screen for one-touch testing. The pocket-sized unit goes anywhere the offender goes.

To learn about the SOBERLINK® SL2 advantages and how it can support your agency’s needs, call us at 800.701.5171 today.