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facial_recognitionThe innovative SOBERLINK SL2 just got better this week after its developer, SOBERLINK, Inc., signed an agreement with a prominent facial recognition software provider that will streamline the automation of their alcohol monitoring system.

The SL2, a handheld device, both cellular and GPS enabled, allows community corrections agencies to monitor offender sobriety in the community. The new facial recognition technology substantially reduces the workload of manually verifying participant photos, while increasing system accuracy.

The SOBERLINK SL2 device takes a high resolution photo of the participant during each breath alcohol test, and that photograph is spatially analyzed by the intelligent software in comparison to an adaptive template of a group of photos of the participant. Called Adaptive Facial Recognition™, the system compares each point-in-time photo against multiple, stored photos.

“The facial recognition feature is the final step in making our system completely automated,” Casey Hanrahan, SOBERLINK’s Vice President of Design, said. “This is just one more addition in a long line of industry leading features that will ensure SOBERLINK continues to be the most convenient and effective alcohol monitoring technology on the market.”

BI Incorporated, the leader in monitoring technologies, is the exclusive distributor of the SL2 for the criminal justice market in 48 states, after entering into an agreement with SOBERLINK in July 2013.

BI provides offender monitoring technology to corrections officials and agencies around the world, working closely with corrections officials to cost effectively reduce recidivism, promote public safety, and strengthen the communities they serve.

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