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Ankle-worn Alcohol Monitoring Technology :: BI TAD®

If alcohol is the problem, BI TAD® is the most flexible alcohol monitoring system available for community corrections professionals. TAD includes continuous alcohol monitoring and radio frequency monitoring in one ankle-worn device. TAD offers cellular capability to accommodate the growing number of clients who do not have a home landline.

Alcohol offense solution

Alcohol-related offenses have created backlogs in courts and have been a major contributor to jail and prison crowding. TAD offers judges and corrections agencies a sophisticated tool for releasing DUI and DWI offenders to the community with sobriety conditions. TAD measures ingested alcohol through a sensor that rests firmly on the client's ankle. This continuous alcohol monitoring device measures offender alcohol use via vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin.

Powerful community supervision tool for courts and agencies

For years, it has been hard to enforce offender sobriety. TAD is a reliable tool that can help judges and officers stop offenders from drinking who have been released to community supervision. If an offender does consume alcohol, TAD’s continuous alcohol monitoring technology will detect the incident and send an alert to the supervising officer. These alerts can help officers hold offenders accountable if they are not meeting their sobriety conditions, making TAD a powerful community supervision tool.

Court validated, single-source admissibility

Results generated by TAD stand on their own – no secondary or backup testing is needed. TAD has single source admissibility for court and revocation hearings and has met the Daubert standard of scientific evidence admissibility.

Radio-frequency monitoring tool

TAD also acts as a home electronic monitoring system to detect the absence or presence of a person at home at pre-determined times. This dual functionality - alcohol monitoring and home detention - saves officers time and reduces equipment inventory. Depending on your requirements, monitoring events are communicated through a landline or cellular connection. Also compatible with the ExacuTrack One GPS system, officers also have the option to monitor an offender’s location in the community.

Easy to use

TAD is durable and easy to install on a client's ankle. No client training is required and officers can enroll offenders in the software in just a few minutes. This alcohol monitoring and home detention system has multiple tamper-resistant features to ensure reliability and accuracy. Officers can also be alerted to violations in multiple ways including fax, e-mail or PDA..

To find out how BI TAD® can support your agency's needs, please call us at 800.701.5171 or email