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The Geo Family of Websites

Single web portal for offender electronic monitoring :: BI TotalAccess®

BI TotalAccess® is a single, consolidated user interface for BI products such as GPS tracking, radio-frequency monitoring, and alcohol compliance monitoring.

All in One

TotalAccess is an excellent solution for busy supervising officers, juggling large caseloads and seeking efficiency at every turn. Users simply login in at with a distinct user name and secure password to access all program information for their agency. From there, officers can conveniently:

  • Enroll and delete clients from the system
  • View and process alerts
  • View, enter, and modify data including zones, schedules, and client photos
  • View, run, schedule, create, and download reports
  • Enter procedures for responding to violations and customize violation notifications
  • Pair events to minimize alert notifications

TotalAccess is a commanding platform

TotalAccess is a very powerful supervision tool that enables officers to simply and conveniently perform routine functions such as enrolling clients or processing alerts, while also offering many enhanced features:

  • Intuitive system navigation and banner display of client, officer, and agency information
  • One touch alert notification allowing officers to close or delay alerts straight from an active hyperlink in an email
  • Group zones, which allow an agency to assign a set of zones to some or all of their caseload without having to build them for each client
  • Ability to view inventory data across more than one agency and easily transfer units between agencies
  • Access to multiple agency numbers via one web login
  • Ability to search by agency, officer, client or any combination of these entities
  • Caseload-at-a glance homepage with icons indicating client status and alert priority
  • User-friendly report interface allowing officers to quickly access and customize reports

Mobile compatibility

Officers can also use a smartphone or tablet to access the TotalAccess software to view their caseload, view and close alerts, and send voice messages to an active GPS tracking unit. Any mobile device with a modern browser can be used.

Learn more about BI TotalAccess® today or demo the system. Call us at 800.701.5171 or email for more information.