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Wisconsin Selects BI Incorporated for Electronic Monitoring Program Contract

Contract for Products and Services Awarded
December 14, 2010
Boulder, CO

BI Incorporated announced today that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, one of the largest correctional agencies nationwide, has selected BI to provide a range of offender supervision technologies for monitoring individuals on community supervision. The three-year contract involves more than 1,600 monitoring devices.

BI, the nation's largest provider of technology, treatment and reentry services for corrections agencies, has worked with the Wisconsin DOC for almost two decades to provide supervision technologies that help monitor those on probation and parolees released onto community supervision.

Under terms of this agreement, BI will supply Wisconsin with these systems:
  • BI ExacuTrack® and BI ExacuTrack One, two sophisticated GPS tracking systems that allow supervising officers to monitor the precise locations of offenders as they travel in the community.
  • BI HomeGuard® 200 and BI HomeGuard 206, systems that use radio-frequency and cellular technology, respectively, to monitor offender’s curfews and schedules.
  • BI TAD® and BI Sobrietor®, two alcohol-monitoring systems used with offenders who have a history of alcohol abuse. TAD is unique in that it provides continuous alcohol monitoring and electronic monitoring capabilities while Sobrietor collects remote alcohol tests via phone lines.

In addition, because the Wisconsin DOC staffs its own electronic monitoring center, BI will provide a fully integrated host server to manage this technology. This service allows the state to directly control all offender data, schedules and records, and notify supervising officers of violations to conditions of release. Finally, BI will provide equipment installation services to the agency for the ExacuTrack and TAD devices.

“We value the longstanding and strong partnership with Wisconsin to supply the systems that enhance Wisconsin’s community safety,” said Jock Waldo, vice president of electronic marketing and marketing. “Wisconsin officials are experienced in offender monitoring and value the wide range of systems we offer to match different offender risks.”

The Wisconsin Electronic Monitoring Center provides centralized monitoring services to the Division of Community Corrections, Division of Juvenile Corrections, county and local law enforcement and County Human Services Departments. The Electronic Monitoring Center offers an alternative to incarceration while maintaining the ability to monitor the offender's compliance in the community.

For more information about this contract award or any of these products and services, contact Monica Hook, BI director of marketing communications, 303-218-1230.

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Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is the leading technology, treatment and supervision company in community corrections today. BI contracts with approximately 900 governmental agencies nationwide, supporting them with a full continuum of intensive supervision technologies and community-based cognitive behavioral reentry programs for adult and juvenile offenders. BI’s ISO 9001:2008 certified national monitoring center, owned and operated by BI, provides 24/7 expert support supervision services exclusively for governmental agencies. BI works closely with local public corrections officials to cost effectively reduce recidivism, promote public safety, and strengthen the communities it serves using evidence-based practices in a community setting.