BI SmartLINK™ – The Mobile App That Supports Compliance

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Courts and agencies are relying on mobile technology more than ever before to stay connected. To meet this growing need, BI designed SmartLINK™, an offender monitoring app that streamlines administrative functions, while placing the tools offenders need to be accountable and successful in the palm of their hands.

SmartLINK automates time-consuming, manual tasks, and saves valuable time by reducing the amount of face-to-face offender meetings and phone calls and electronically updating offender information. The offender mobile monitoring app records electronic confirmations of activity, location compliance, and attendance at mandated appointments. Through the app, courts and agencies can send reminders and request offender acknowledgement of supervision tasks.  Communication is faster and simpler with the app’s secure messaging feature.

Customizable module options include biometric check-in, a calendar, 24/7 access to community resources, the ability to self-report, secure messaging, sharing of important documents, access to supervision terms. It is offered in both English and Spanish versions, and Android and iOS compatible.

The mobile app is managed by courts and agencies through BI TotalAccess®, a powerful, easy-to-use monitoring software platform designed by and for community corrections experts.

Offender success can be achieved through rehabilitation, being accountable and staying connected. SmartLINK is a mobile monitoring solution that can help to achieve those goals.

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