Data Analytics Helps Bexar County, Texas, Reduce Inmate Population, Save Millions

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In 2009, Texas’ Bexar County — the sixth-fastest growing county in the United States — had a problem: The Bexar County Jail was beyond capacity. At that time, about 4,700 inmates were held in a jail with the capacity for 4,563.

“It was getting to the point to build a new jail or to try to look at the inmates and determine how to put more of them through the court process,” said county CIO Cathy Maras, adding that a new facility would have cost the county about $350 million.

“We didn’t want to spend the precious dollars of the county building a new jail,” Maras said. “We wanted to spend them on new roads or a new library.”
Using Data Analytics to Curb the Billions We’re Wasting in Our Jails

Fast-forward seven years, and the county jail contains about 3,450 inmates — a more than 25 percent reduction accomplished through data analytics.

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