Kyle Kingrey Honored with Award from Northern Colorado Manufacturing Association (NOCO)

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Congratulations to Kyle Kingrey, Manager of Manufacturing at BI Incorporated! Earlier this month, Kyle was recognized with the “Outstanding Committee Chair for Manufacturing Rocks!” award for his commitment to working with youth in the Northern Colorado area and providing a career pathway through bridging the gap between technology skills and manufacturing.

Kyle serves as Chairman of Manufacturing Rocks!, a program conducted by the Northern Colorado Manufacturing Association (NOCO) that promotes young people’s career interests with an introduction to the manufacturing field.  “I am very honored to receive this award, and proud of the work we do at BI,” said Kyle Kingrey. “I am grateful for the support of BI and GEO leadership, which assures the continuance of BI as a leader in the community and our support of workforce education and manufacturing opportunities for youth.”

As Chairman of Manufacturing Rocks!, Mr. Kingrey devotes his time to visiting local middle and high schools and job fairs to bring awareness to the career opportunities in Manufacturing. This summer, two students from Manufacturing Rocks! are interning at BI.  BI welcomes students to the tour the manufacturing floor, and last summer BI hosted “Teen Week”, where staff had an opportunity to bring their children to work for a week to observe and learn about manufacturing.  “It is important we look down the road for growth,” said Kyle. “Young people are captivated with technology, and it is changing at lightning speed. We want to bridge the skills gap by tapping into their current skill set and interest, and turn those technology skills into a career in manufacturing.”

In addition to Kyle’s work with Manufacturing Rocks!, he a speaker at the Rural Pathways Summit to promote manufacturing careers to youth in rural areas that may not have access to college or specialized work training. BI and GEO support STEM projects through donations, helping promote the next generation of skilled applicants to the national workforce. Most recently, BI has decided to partner with a new Manufacturing Academy established by a local high school.  BI is on the Advisory Board, and will assist in determining curriculum at this training center for manufacturing-related careers. This important community outreach holds the promise of employment for many youths going forward.

Photo Caption: Kyle Kingrey with students at the BI Teen Day in July 2017



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