New Technology Could Help Law Enforcement Fight Drugged Driving

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You’ve heard of a breathalyzer, but what about a Drugalyzer? The Dräger Drug Test 5is relatively new technology police departments across the country are calling a game changer.

After a one-minute swab inside of a suspect’s mouth, an officer would place the sample inside the Drugalyzer machine. The mobile drug test machine can detect up to seven drugs: cannabinoids (THC), opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines and methadone.

State records show more than 1,600 drug-related crashes happened on New York highways in 2016 and nearly 15 percent of those were deadly.

This new tool could give law enforcement a secret weapon to fight back against this trend. The drug test machine is already being used in at least 15 agencies across the country. The Drugalyzer is small and lightweight. Officers can test right on the spot instead of waiting weeks for results of a blood or urine test.

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