Pursuit Mode added to BI ExacuTrack One GPS tracking system

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BI ExacuTrack One

Pursuit Mode, a new feature that allows correctional agencies to intensively monitor an offender for a customized period of time, is now available with the BI ExacuTrack® One GPS tracking system.

With Pursuit Mode, officers can intensify the acquisition rate for GPS data to 15-second intervals and call in four location points every minute for a period of time chosen by the officer.

The new feature was added in response to a need for community correctional agencies to know with urgency where offenders on GPS tracking are for a short period of time. With the feature, officers can aggressively pursue an offender that may be involved in criminal behavior in an attempt to locate and apprehend the person.

BI’s Pursuit Mode for ExacuTrack One is available today for supervising officers using BI Mobile for smartphones and tablets.

ExacuTrack One monitors an offender’s geographical position using a portable tracking unit that relies on available GPS data and other location positioning technologies. This FCC-certified device provides accurate data about an offender’s movement within the community.

As the product name implies, ExacuTrack One includes a single, ankle-mounted device. This tracking unit works on the same monitoring platform, BI TotalAccess®, as the rest of BI’s electronic monitoring equipment and contains a GPS receiver, battery, battery charge capability, and both wireless and radio frequency communication capabilities.

ExacuTrack One also features an advanced chipset supplied by QUALCOMM, which pairs the latest GPS tracking technology with advancements in signal sensitivity, enabling the unit to identify location in even the most difficult environments.

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