Sober Fest offers support for Merced community

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Merced resident Thomas Adame Jr. had his first drink when he was in his early teens and by age 19, he says, he was an alcoholic. By age 21, Adame says, he was drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels a day.

“I had to have Jack just to function,” Adame, 39, said. “My hands would get so shaky I couldn’t take a shower.”

Adame said his addiction to alcohol led him to cocaine and eventually he started using methamphetamine. What made Adame want to get clean, he said, was when he failed to pick up his son on his birthday.

“Reality hit me hard,” Adame said. Now, Adame says, he’s been clean since April 14, 2016.

Adame says his drive to stay sober is being helped by his involvement with GEO Reentry Services and the medical assistant program offered by the Merced County Office of Education.
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