SOBERLINK SLBLUE, an exciting addition to the SL2

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Image courtesy of SOBERLINK, Inc.

An exciting addition to the SL2, the SOBERLINK SLBLUE will feature wireless alcohol testing through an iPhone or iPad’s existing Wi-Fi or cell connection. This new feature, which will become available in 2014, will allow for real-time monitoring from nearly anywhere.

Like the SOBERLINK SL2, the SLBLUE will take a photo during the breath test to confirm the identity of the user, but unlike the SL2, it will then send the photo and test results via an iPhone or iPad’s Wi-Fi or data plan to SOBERLINK’s monitoring website.

The only set-up necessary is downloading the free App and Bluetooth pairing with the SLBLUE Breathalyzer. The SLBLUE features a high-resolution camera for user verification, DOT grade fuel cell and a lithium-ion battery (a 10+ day battery life). The monitoring portal features: Adaptive Facial Recognition TM, automated tamper detection, automated text reminders and real-time alerts, customizable testing schedules and automated daily, weekly and monthly reports.

BI Incorporated has served as the exclusive master distributor of the SOBERLINK SL2 for the criminal justice market since 2013, helping to provide much needed alcohol monitoring technology.

Alcohol monitoring allows corrections officials to enforce offender sobriety, making it easier for offenders to maintain jobs and family life and to become productive members of society.

To learn more about the SLBLUE, click here.

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