Technology helps Northbridge police ID suspects quickly

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NORTHBRIDGE – On Friday, a man was brought to the Northbridge Police Department on an arrest warrant, a fairly routine event. He was fingerprinted and booked.

Within minutes, documents detailing his criminal record churned out of a printer in the booking area, listing the prisoner’s history of arrests by local area police, which in this case, included the Worcester Police Department. Soon FBI, Massachusetts State Police and U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports would come through as well.

Sgt. Brian R. Patrinelli said if the man had been brought in two days earlier, he would have had inked fingerprints rolled onto cards that would have been sent to the state police laboratory in Sudbury. The ink-and-card prints would be analyzed and then, in six to eight weeks, a report would be sent back to Northbridge police.

“What took eight weeks to come back, comes back in five minutes,” Sgt. Patrinelli said about the department’s new Crossmatch fingerprint/palm scanner. “It comes up with all his rap sheet from across the country. If he’s wanted somewhere, it makes a note on that.”

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