BI Agency Assist: Relieve Up to 70% of Officer’s Clerical and Data Processing Workload

 In Monitoring Technology

Each year, the BI Monitoring Operations call center processes 12 million alerts and handles more than 6 million calls. BI Agency Assist is a service package offering administrative, technical, and data management support to community corrections agencies. Through our 24/7 support center, officers are relieved from the following time-intensive administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on critical tasks, such as managing high-risk offenders.

  • Automated self-reporting, one of several key Agency Assist services, enables offenders to make “check-in” calls through the Interactive Voice Response system
  • Warrant and fee processing are also helpful services available through Agency Assist
  • Officers utilize our agency support for scheduling and enhanced monitoring; live BI call center specialists verify, schedule, and amend offender appointments
  • Officers call in and specialists record offender contact documentation, eliminating the officer’s need for writing anything down; notes are recorded electronically, increasing officer efficiency and keeping information in one place

When it comes to support, the BI team is respected as the most experienced, skilled, and accurate monitoring service option in electronic monitoring; which leads us to ask – why settle for less?




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