SOBERLINK SL2 helps detect felony activity

 In Monitoring Technology

SOBERLINK SL2The alcohol-monitoring SOBERLINK SL2 is helping law enforcement officials in Wisconsin keep offenders on track, and thanks to the device, three drunk-driving defendants are now facing felony bail jumping charges.

The Waupaca County Post has the details. Reportedly, the defendants, who were on bail for drunken driving offenses, separately failed to pass sobriety tests administered by the SL2, therefore, failing to meet the requirements of their bail.

The SL2 requires that users take a specified amount of deep-lung breath tests per day that measure the alcohol concentration in their bodies to ensure sobriety and adherence to pre-and post-release court-ordered sanctions.

When offenders under monitor by the SL2 fail to maintain sobriety, supervising law enforcement officials are sent an alert notifying them of the positive test results.

To ensure that the offender does not have someone else breath into the device, a high-resolution photo is taken during the test. Earlier this year, adaptive facial recognition technology was added, enhancing the system.

BI Incorporated entered into a partnership with SOBERLINK in 2013 to become the exclusive master distributor of the SL2. Learn more about the product here.

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