Study: Realignment puts pressure on county jails

 In Monitoring Technology

PPICA new study by the Public Policy Institute of California has found the state’s Public Safety Realignment measures have placed increasing amounts of pressure on the county jail system as counties continue to absorb offenders who, pre-Realignment, would have been sent to state prisons.

The report specifically highlights aging jail facilities and long-term planning as two factors that need to be addressed when discussing jail capacity constraints, suggesting that not only would facilities need to be updated and expanded, but planning would need to be made to decrease reliance on incarceration.

Such planning, researchers suggest, includes split sentencing, alternative custody programs and risk assessments for releases of pre-trial detainees.

As a smart alternative to detention, electronic monitoring allows corrections officials to accurately monitor pre-trial detainees and offenders who have been determined as suitable candidates for the program—freeing up jail beds and saving taxpayer money.

BI Incorporated, the leader in offender monitoring, provides agencies around the world with the tools to keep program participants on track and compliant with court-ordered sanctions, while also working to reduce recidivism and keep the public safe.

BI and its sister company, GEO Reentry Services, have worked for years with several counties throughout California to provide electronic monitoring and reentry programming.

You can read the entire PPIC report here.

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