U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement renews contract with BI Incorporated

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ICEUnited States Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently renewed a five-year contract with BI Incorporated to receive case management and supervisions services under the Enforcement and Removal Operations’ Intensive Supervision Appearance Program. BI has managed this program for ICE since its inception in 2004 and after its revision and expansion as ISAP II in 2009. Today, BI operates more than 40 ISAP offices.

ISAP is a core component of the Department of Homeland Security’s Alternatives to Detention program, providing case management and supervision to individuals involved in immigration proceedings. The program works to facilitate attendance at immigration hearings and compliance with court orders. ISAP has been successful in raising attendance rates at immigration hearings for participants as well as compliance with final court orders.

ISAP has several service levels, including frequent reporting to an ISAP office for case management services as well as a technology-only offering that involves electronic monitoring equipment and services. For electronic monitoring equipment, BI has supplied BI ExacuTrack® One and BI VoiceID.

The ExacuTrack One is a one-piece GPS tracking unit that offers reliable monitoring data that can send alerts to supervising officers via a pager, email, PDA or a combination of methods if warranted. The device allows officers to confidently monitor individuals awaiting immigration hearings and ensure participants are responding to curfews and schedules.

VoiceID is an equipment-free location monitoring system that only requires the use of a telephone, making it an economical option. With VoiceID, participants call an automated system that verifies their identity through biometric “voiceprint” authentication.

Through a series of outbound calls to the client or inbound calls from the participant, the VoiceID system verifies that the individual is at the required pre-determined location. The low-maintenance but reliable system is useful for supervisors overwhelmed by large caseloads.

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