Vigo County to use BI HomeGuard 206 for home-detention monitoring

 In Monitoring Technology

Offenders sentenced to home-detention in Vigo County, Indiana, will be monitored with the BI HomeGuard® 206, a cellular-based monitoring system that reliably monitors individuals for compliance to their curfews and schedules.

The Vigo County Board of Commissioners recently approved the contract between the Vigo County Community Directions Department and BI Incorporated and the county will receive 120 of the HomeGuard 206 systems.

Community Corrections Director Bill Watson told the board the digital system would allow for easier access to the home detention monitoring program by the majority of offenders. That’s because the HomeGuard 206 does not require a traditional phone landline, but instead has an embedded cellular unit, making it available for a wider range of offenders.

As it is, many offenders do not have access to landlines, whether they have outstanding phone bills or, like most people, simply use a cell phone for all of their communication needs.

The HomeGuard 206 electronic monitoring system uses radio frequency to continuously verify that the offender is where they are supposed to be. The system includes a durable transmitter worn by the offender that communicates with the HomeGuard 206 cellular receiver, which reports the offender’s presence or absence in the home.

As with other electronic monitoring and GPS tracking systems, agencies and supervising officers have the flexibility to determine policies and procedures for notifications and alerts when offenders deviate from schedules and curfews.

You can read more about the HomeGuard 206 here.

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