Manufacturing Rocks! BI Gives Education Back to the Community

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The BI Incorporated corporate headquarters in Colorado is hands-on about manufacturing!

BI has partnered with the Northern Colorado Manufactures Association to strengthen the community’s awareness about available careers in manufacturing. The program is called “Manufacturing Rocks!” and includes local manufacturers, educators and work force alliance. The group meets monthly to set goals and help students who may not be considering college to understand the career opportunities in the manufacturing environment.

BI offers hands-on manufacturing tours, classroom presentations to middle and high school students and participates in career fairs and more. BI is expanding the outreach and actively recruiting the next generation of manufacturers. In fact, BI and the “Manufacturing Rocks!” program has made quite the impact, exposing thousands of students to the opportunities in this field. In addition, BI recently donated $1,500 to fund a local middle school’s STEM/TED projects for the year.

The BI Manufacturing Manager teaches the students about these opportunities, as well as important “soft skills” to help students improve their interview skills, team dynamics and communication.

 “The BI Teen Manufacturing Day created a realistic experience that clearly depicted what it would be like working in a manufacturing environment. We were given an estimated starting pay, and shown how easily the salary can increase as new skill sets are gained. We were able to solder, glue monitors together, and test breathalyzers and ankle monitors. This hands-on experience gave me a clear vision of what it would look like working in a manufacturing environment, as well as clearly stating other options besides college, or how to make money while you’re going to college,” said one student.

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