BI Introduces Analytics Software to Assist Probation, Parole and Pretrial Officers to Tap Available Data

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Sept. 14, 2016
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Monica Hook, VP Strategic Marketing
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BOULDER, Colo.—Sept. 14, 2016—BI Incorporated, a national provider of electronic monitoring products and services, announces the availability of the BI AnalyticsSM Suite, software that uses advanced statistical processes to assess client behavior and risk. The Analytics Suite provides various at-a-glance comparisons and trend patterns that probation, parole and pretrial service officers can view via a computer or mobile device.


“We are tapping into our 35-plus years of electronic monitoring expertise to mine the data we collect for agencies and provide actionable information,” said Jock Waldo, Divisional Vice President of BI Incorporated. “This greatly advances the value of electronic monitoring and GPS tracking programs to not only track compliance for conditions of release but also lean toward understanding behavior patterns and predicting criminal activity.”


Ideal for both large and small correctional agencies, the BI Analytics Suite captures and analyzes live and historic data gathered through radio-frequency and GPS tracking devices. It is available to correctional agencies via BI TotalAccess®, the web-based offender monitoring platform that agency officers use to update and manage offender data. The Analytics Suite is available by distinct modules.


Analytics Priority module focuses on productivity

The Priority module saves officers time by delivering at-a-glance data designed to help prioritize an officer’s caseload by specific risk factors—equipment, behavior, and travel.


The Priority module assists both officers and their supervisors. Officers have access to multiple analyses built from data, including alerts generated when offenders are noncompliant with schedules or curfews or have equipment issues that officers can investigate. By reviewing alerts by month, group or client, the Priority module assesses anomalies and outliers that can enhance community safety and help protect agency liability.


The Priority module also helps agency managers assess the overall health of the electronic monitoring program and understand how officers are handling offender alerts and other key program metrics.


Analytics Proximity module available this fall

BI will release the Analytics Proximity module this fall. The Proximity module is powerful in that it uses geographic (GIS) and spatial data to assess the motion and location of offenders on GPS or electronic monitoring devices. The Proximity module will help agencies:

  • Identify offenders who travel in known problem areas.
  • Create exclusion zones based on individual risk factors.
  • Analyze stop patterns to aid in investigating absconders.
  • Assess locations when offenders make unscheduled stops.


“With a trend toward reduced inmate counts and moving offenders to community supervision, it’s no secret that probation and parole officers are managing larger caseloads and using tools such as GPS tracking and electronic monitoring to monitor compliance. Now, with our Analytics Suite, we provide officers with a sophisticated tool to calculate risk and focus attention on the most problematic offenders or issues,” Waldo said.



About BI Incorporated (

Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is the largest provider of GPS, alcohol and RF monitoring technology and services in the United States. An original equipment manufacturer, BI provides a full continuum of monitoring technologies and related monitoring services for parolees, probationers, pretrial defendants and illegal aliens involved in the U.S. immigration court process. BI is part of The GEO Group’s GEO Care division, which delivers a range of community-based alternatives to detention, including evidence-based treatment and training for youth and adult offenders.



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