Illinois Department of Corrections selects BI Incorporated for Offender Monitoring systems

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Release date: August 22, 2014
Contact: Monica Hook, BI Incorporated,

BOULDER, Colo.—August 18, 2014—BI Incorporated, the nation’s largest provider of offender monitoring systems for community corrections, has been selected again by the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide GPS tracking and electronic monitoring products and services for offenders released to community supervision. BI has a 10-year relationship providing EM services to the agency.

The Illinois Department of Corrections will employ:
• BI ExacuTrack® One, a monitoring system that uses GPS tracking and cellular technology
• BI HomeGuard® 200, a system that employs radio frequency to reliably monitor curfews and schedules
• BI HomeGuard 206, a system that also monitors curfews and schedules but was designed for offenders with only cellular phone service

BI has a longstanding relationship with the Illinois Department of Corrections for offender monitoring technology, monitoring services and reentry services. Today more than 3,000 offenders are monitored with BI’s electronic monitoring systems in Illinois. Under terms of this new award, Illinois will use ExacuTrack One to monitor high-risk sex offenders released to community supervision.

ExacuTrack One monitors an offender’s geographical position using a portable tracking unit that relies on available GPS data and other location positioning technologies. This device provides accurate data about an offender’s movement within the community. As the product name implies, ExacuTrack One includes a single device that is installed on the ankle of the individual being supervised. This tracking unit works on the same monitoring platform, BI TotalAccess®, as the rest of BI’s electronic monitoring equipment.

ExacuTrack One also includes an option for a transmitting device called a beacon to enhance the system’s reliability and reduce costs and power consumption. When the individual on ExacuTrack One enters an area where a beacon is located, the system switches modes from GPS tracking to traditional radio-frequency—or absence and presence monitoring—a reliable communication mode. When the person exits the beacon range, the system automatically shifts back to GPS tracking. This dual capability enhances tracking outcomes and can reduce agency costs.

Today, the Illinois Department of Corrections supervises more than 49,000 incarcerated adults in 25 adult correctional centers. It also supervises more than 29,000 parolees released to community supervision, which includes GPS tracking or participation in reentry programs such as day reporting or adult transitional centers.

About BI Incorporated (
Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The GEO Group (NYSE: GEO), a global leader in the delivery of correctional, detention, and residential treatment services to federal, state, and local government agencies. BI provides a full continuum of offender monitoring technologies and community reentry services for parolees, probationers, pretrial defendants and illegal aliens involved in the U.S. immigration court process. BI also owns and operates an ISO-certified national monitoring center, providing 24/7 expert support supervision services exclusively to governmental agencies. BI works closely with corrections officials to cost effectively reduce recidivism, promote public safety, and strengthen the communities they serve.

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