For Low – to High-Risk Participants

BI SL2 is a portable, pocket–sized alcohol monitoring device which detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lung breath sample. Adaptive Facial Recognition™ technology clearly and accurately identifies the participant. GPS determines participant’s location during each breath test, and alcohol detection results are promptly sent to the central monitoring computer system via a cellular connection For more information visit our BI SL2 product page.


For High-Risk Participants

BI TAD combines robust transdermal alcohol monitoring with radio-frequency curfew monitoring in one high-quality, reliable device. TAD detects and reports alcohol events over 0.02 and incorporates multiple tamper detection technologies, including proximity to each individual’s leg, a motion sensor, and a skin contact sensor. If the participant exceeds 0.020 transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) threshold an alcohol event is recorded and transmitted to the central monitoring computer.For more information visit our BI TAD product page.

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