Support Services to Expand Agency Coverage

BI Agency Assist is a service package that includes administrative, technical, and data management support services. Our 24x7 support center assists human services agencies by relieving officers of time-intensive administrative tasks, so they can shift their focus to high-risk offenders. Our dedicated team is highly-trained, bilingual support specialists handle an average of 443,000 calls per month. For more than 20 years, our team has helped small and large agencies expand their impact on community safety.

Agency Assist
BI Agency Assist 24/7 Electronic Monitoring Self-Reporting Services

Automated Self-Reporting

Our Automated Self-Reporting services relieve agencies from the real-time task of collecting offender data. BI Agency Assist handles more than 137,000 calls a month utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, where participants call the system as required to provide daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins. Automated notifications can be sent to participants, and the messaging service enables officers and participants to leave and pick up messages from one another.

Contact Documentation

Contact Documentation is a full-service, paperless data entry solution for officers to record case notes while in the field, anytime, day or night. Our highly trained support specialists transcribe officer’s first-hand account of individual contact in real-time. The information is available to officers in minutes, enabling them to spend more time on critical tasks related to caseload management.

BI Agency Assist Contact Documentation
BI Agency Assist Scheduling & Enhanced Monitoring

Scheduling & Enhanced Monitoring

The Scheduling & Enhanced Monitoring services are high-touch solutions to help reinforce compliance. Our support specialists take participant calls to verify, schedule, or amend appointments for job interviews, work, school, or doctor visits. Officers approve or deny participant requests by phone or through our advanced web-based data management software. Our Enhanced Monitoring services include live support specialists conducting initial outbound calls on all EM alerts, prior to dispatching information to the officer. BI Agency Assist support specialists handle more than 550,000 EM violation alerts a month.

Warrant Processing

BI Agency Assist offers a complete Warrant Processing service to expand agencies’ after-hour coverage, allowing them to swiftly respond to parole and probation violations. When a participant hasn’t reported as scheduled, or is considered absconded, an officer can simply call the BI Agency Assist support center to process a warrant for his/her arrest. The BI support team handles on average 2,335 warrants a month, and also processes fingerprint and name matches in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

BI Agency Assist Warrant Processing Services
BI Agency Assist Offender Fee Processing Services

Fee Processing

Our fee processing service easily manages offender fee collection and processing, for both court-ordered or supervision fees, either electronically or manually. Fee reminders can be configured for each participant through our Automated Notification system, which notifies when fees are due or payments are late.

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