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Introducing the BI Analytics Suite, an industry-exclusive analytics software package that revolutionizes the way agencies use electronic monitoring data. Using advanced statistical software, the Suite is the first authentic analysis tool to incorporate client behavior and calculate potential risk. This latest innovation from BI provides officers and managers with a convenient tool to quickly target and address issues that impact the overall health of an agencies monitoring program. The Suite includes distinct modules, Priority and Proximity, each accessible via BI TotalAccess®.

Agency Assist priority module
BI Analytics - Offender Monitoring Data

Aggregates Multiple Data Sources to Prioritize Risk

The BI Analytics Priority module analyzes extensive offender data and calculates a risk-based score in moments saving officers considerable time in identifying issues that may have gone unnoticed. Live and historic data gathered through radio-frequency and GPS tracking devices is used to categorize offender risk based on equipment, behavior, and travel patterns. This allows officers to quickly assess, prioritize highest-risk offenders, and take appropriate action to address potential problems before they happen.

At-A-Glance Dashboard

Using information from TotalAccess, the Priority module conducts statistical analyses and displays results in a user-friendly Activity Awareness Analytics (AAA) Dashboard. Managing alerts from the AAA Dashboard saves valuable agency time and significantly increases officer productivity. Managers can also assess officer work efficiency and productivity based on alert metrics over a one to six
month period.

Multiple Alert Analyses

Included in the Priority module are seven Alert Analyses enabling officers and managers to identify offenders with high alert numbers. Access to an at-a-glance view of anomalies, a breakdown of alerts closed, and average close times puts officers ahead of the crisis, allowing them to take steps to enhance community safety and help protect agency liability.

Identifies Travel Patterns, Including Absconding

The Proximity module, another powerful tool within the BI Analytics Suite, uses geographic (GIS) and spatial data to assess the motion and location of offenders on GPS or electronic monitoring devices. This technology provides agencies with the ability to analyze behavior and travel patterns before and after an offender absconds. The Proximity module enables officers to identify offenders who travel in known problem areas, create exclusion zones based on individual risk factors, analyze stop patterns, and assess locations when offenders make unscheduled stops.

BI Analytics - Offender Monitoring Software

Detects Risk Locations

The system continues to “learn” over time. By aggregating data, trends emerge to pinpoint offender behavior. Another benefit of the Proximity module is the stops analyses which reveals client information based on suspicious activity. Officers can view client and non-client risk locations, and the history of behavior in proximity to these risk locations.

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