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BI Incorporated offers a comprehensive offender billing package to assist agencies in collecting fees from clients enrolled in electronic monitoring. Our Self-Pay Program includes detailed invoices, online reports, and flexibility in determining rates and payment options.

BI Self- Pay Billing Simplified

Simplified Billing Process

Clients enrolled in an electronic monitoring program are sometimes directed to share in all or part of the cost of monitoring by an agency. Upon enrollment, the supervising officer may identify a client as “self pay.” BI will then invoice the client directly or through the agency.

Web-Based Reports

We provide agencies with a detailed monthly report, including individualized daily rates, outstanding balances, current charges, and payments received. Officers can run reports anytime online. Officers do not have to manually collect this information for each offender, allowing for more time to spend in the field.

BI Self-Pay - Web-Based Reports
BI Self-Pay - Custom Payment Options

Custom Payment Options

BI can bill a client for all, or a portion of, electronic monitoring costs. While clients are typically invoiced at the agency’s billing rate, officers may set a client’s daily rate at some other amount. This allows daily rates to vary by client if the agency wants to base payment on a client’s hourly wage. Clients have the option of paying by cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.

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