GPS Tracking Combined With Radio Frequency

This passive GPS tracking system captures location data throughout the day, comparing collected data against stored geographic boundaries and schedules once the individual returns home. When the tracker comes within range, GPS data is uploaded to the central monitoring computer using the client’s home phone line. The central monitoring computer compares the location data to the client’s authorized schedules and locations to detect violations. As a result, officers can also monitor adherence to curfew restrictions based on presence or absence in the home.

BI ExacuTrack - GPS Tracking

Combining the Right Tools

BI ExacuTrack® features the powerful combination of a reliable GPS tracking device and mapping software to accurately track an individual’s compliance to schedules, curfews, and movement in the community.

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Inside an individual’s home, ExacuTrack converts into a radio frequency monitoring system to enhance curfew monitoring. As a result, officers can monitor adherence to curfew restrictions based on presence or absence in the home.

BI ExacuTrack- GPS tracking & Radio Frequency
GPS Monitoring – ExacuTrack

Easy-To-Use Mapping Features

ExacuTrack simplifies GPS tracking for supervising officers. Industry-leading Google Maps generates powerful, easy-to-interpret maps. Officers can easily track offender compliance using ExacuTrack by entering multiple zones and schedules per offender, ensuring that even the most complex geographic and curfew restrictions are managed.

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BI Monitoring Operations call center serves agencies nationwide. Our highly experienced and talented team of technical and support specialists are available 24x7. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best meet their
unique needs.

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