Host Your Own Electronic Monitoring Program

For agencies with the resources and expertise to manage their own electronic monitoring program and monitoring operations, BI GuardServer®, powered by BI TotalAccess®, provides a robust, yet flexible host system solution. BI GuardServer enables you to take full control of your data, protocols, and system redundancy.


One Powerful Application

Located at the agency site, GuardServer runs BI TotalAccess monitoring software platform, providing officers with a centralized location for all essential monitoring functions including enrolling participants, configuring equipment settings, modifying data and zones and schedules, entering procedures for responding to violations, and pairing events to minimize alert notifications. Officers have 24x7x365 access to this robust web-based software program from any network PC, including agency laptops and smartphones. Agencies may also host the application outside their network environment to increase accessibility.

Monitoring Data Back-Up and Security

Because data protection, security, and reliability are mission critical, GuardServer utilizes RAID technology to provide redundancy against potential drive failure. GuardServer can store monitoring data for several years, and can optionally replicate this data in near real-time to a geographically redundant system in an alternate location. The data is also automatically backed up to removable media, such as removable hard drives, for disaster recovery or off-site archiving. With these precautions, agencies can be confident in comprehensive monitoring data protection and security.

BI GuardServer back-up
Continuum Support

Supports BI Monitoring Technology Continuum

BI TotalAccess and GuardServer support the full continuum of BI electronic monitoring technologies. Agencies are able to utilize GPS tracking, radio frequency curfew monitoring, and alcohol monitoring—all from one easy-to-navigate software interface.

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