BI SmartLink- Offender Monitoring App

Mobile Monitoring App with Seven Independent Modules

SmartLINK is a practical, affordable, and ideal mobile monitoring option for agencies and specialty courts supervising adults and minors in the community. SmartLINK can be used in conjunction with electronic monitoring or as an alternative. The app, compatible with Android and iOS, includes seven independent modules to support supervision goals and facilitate client accountability. Placing the tools clients need to be successful in the palm of their hands increases positive outcomes and enables officers to manage their time and caseload with fewer in-office visits.

Customize Based on Agency and Client Needs

SmartLINK is controlled by officers and case managers via BI TotalAccess®, and the app is downloaded to a client’s smartphone or tablet. SmartLINK’s modular approach allows flexibility for the agency to tailor what is delivered to the client’s phone according to their risks and needs. Username and password security features ensure data privacy.

BI SmartLink- Offender Monitoring App 7 Modules
BI SmartLink- Offender Monitoring App Check-In

Biometric Check-In

Clients can now check-in from their mobile device. Facial and voice biometric options are available. The client simply takes their own photo or submits a voice sample, and the app biometrically verifies the client’s identity and captures GPS points to confirm location.

Self Report

The self report module is similar to a reporting kiosk. Clients are presented with a list of supervision-related questions in the app, and responses are recorded in TotalAccess for officer review and follow-up, increasing officer and case manager efficiency. Each self report is followed by a check-in.

BI Smartlink - Offender Monitoring App Self Report
BI SmartLink- Offender Monitoring App Calendar

Calendar and Resources

The SmartLINK calendar module pushes officer and case manager-created calendar events and reminders to the client, keeping them on task for supervision priorities. A biometric check-in can be linked to a calendar event to verify attendance at required activities.

The resource module provides clients with access to agency-approved service providers for housing, medical, employment, other essential services and a dedicated call center. Clients can also generate driving directions and launch a call to the resource phone number from within the module.

Documents, Messages and Supervision Terms

The documents module allows clients to upload documents captured as photographs, such as employment and court information, to TotalAccess for officer review.

Officers and case workers have the ability to directly message with clients through the messages module.

SmartLINK’s supervision terms module enables clients to easily access and review their conditions of supervision at any time on their mobile device.

BI SmartLink- Offender Monitoring App Messages
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