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Every year, offenders commit more than 1.5 million DUI offenses and approximately 3 million alcohol-related offenses. BI Sobrietor® is a hand-held, remote alcohol monitoring device that provides agencies a low-cost option for monitoring offenders for alcohol-related offenses.

BI Sobrietor - Alcohol And Voice Detection In One

Alcohol and Voice Detection In One

Sobrietor detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lung breath sample. Combining biometric voice verification and fuel-cell alcohol testing technology with BI proprietary security technology that ensures the unit’s integrity and accurate testing. Test results are transmitted remotely through a telephone connection to the host.

Simple, Reliable Testing

To increase remote testing reliability, Sobrietor incorporates voice prompts that provide clear instructions. For example, if the individual is speaking too softly, Sobrietor prompts the offender to “speak louder.” Voice prompts promote more consistent tests for more accurate monitoring.

BI Sobrietor - Alcohol Monitoring
Voice ID

Officer-Controlled Security

Sobrietor’s variable security levels allow officers to adjust the voice verification threshold for each offender. This feature reduces false alerts and minimizes attempts to circumvent the system. For added security, Sobrietor records the last failed voice verification test, which officers can access for voice comparison purposes.

Backed By the Best

BI Monitoring Operations call center serves agencies nationwide. Our highly experienced and talented team of technical and support specialists are available 24x7. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best meet their
unique needs.

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