The Equipment-Free Solution

BI VoiceID® voice verification system is an automated, easy-to-use, equipment-free, offender supervision tool that uses biometric voiceprints to monitor large caseloads with varying risk levels.

Voice Verification – VoiceID

Manage Large Caseloads Easily and Efficiently

VoiceID offers effective community-based supervision of any caseload. Automating supervision offers relief to officers overwhelmed with large caseloads. Managing clients is easy and straightforward as VoiceID is fully integrated in BI TotalAccess®.

Easy To Set Up, Even Easier To Manage

Requiring only a telephone to effectively monitor clients, officers do not have to manage any additional inventory, perform equipment installations, or recover lost equipment.During enrollment, officers guide clients to create a biometric voice print that is stored in VoiceID. The system verifies the client’s voice during each check-in call. Notification calls from the system to the client are completed for both random and fixed schedules. Once the client receives the notification call, he or she must call VoiceID within a few minutes from an authorized phone number. Officers may configure both the notification and check-in phone numbers.


Customizable Supervision Levels

The VoiceID system is highly customizable, which allows officers to tailor supervision and establish a monitoring intensity level appropriate for any client. The number of calls for each offender can be increased or decreased based on client risk level or their compliance to VoiceID.

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