The Equipment-Free Solution

BI VoiceID® voice verification system is an automated, easy-to-use, equipment-free, offender supervision tool that uses biometric voiceprints to monitor large caseloads with varying risk levels.

Easy To Set Up, Even Easier To Manage

Requiring only a telephone to effectively monitor clients, officers do not have to manage any additional inventory, perform equipment installations, or recover lost equipment.During enrollment, officers guide clients to create a biometric voice print that is stored in VoiceID. The system verifies the client’s voice during each check-in call. Notification calls from the system to the client are completed for both random and fixed schedules. Once the client receives the notification call, he or she must call VoiceID within a few minutes from an authorized phone number. Officers may configure both the notification and check-in phone numbers.

BI Voice ID sound waves graphic
Voice Verification – VoiceID

Manage Large Caseloads Easily and Efficiently

VoiceID offers effective community-based supervision of any caseload. Automating supervision offers relief to officers overwhelmed with large caseloads. Managing clients is easy and straightforward as VoiceID is fully integrated in BI TotalAccess®.

Customizable Supervision Levels

The VoiceID system is highly customizable, which allows officers to tailor supervision and establish a monitoring intensity level appropriate for any client. The number of calls for each offender can be increased or decreased based on client risk level or their compliance to VoiceID.

BI VoiceID - Equipment- Free Monitoring
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