Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and More

BI TAD®, the Transdermal Alcohol Detector, was the industry’s first device to offer continuous alcohol monitoring and radio frequency in a single device. As a result, judges and community corrections officers can monitor sobriety and curfews with one, easy-to-use and reliable device.

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One System—Two Capabilities

By combining alcohol and radio frequency monitoring in one system, agencies save. And, TAD offers so much more: around-the-clock officer login; variable range settings for curfew monitoring; and a lightweight (less than 8 ounces) long-lasting, field-replaceable battery.

Advanced Technology, Yet Simple To Use

TAD is a water-resistant, battery-operated device that measures ingested alcohol through a sensor resting firmly on the client’s leg. This continuous alcohol monitoring device measures offender alcohol use via vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin. TAD applies a proprietary algorithm to generate a baseline for each individual and enhance testing accuracy.

BI TAD - Alcohol Monitoring

Meeting the Daubert Standard for Courts

TAD is a water-resistant, battery-operated device that detects ingested alcohol through a sensor resting firmly on the client’s leg. Results generated by TAD stand alone—no secondary or backup testing is needed.

7 Tamper Detection Features

TAD has seven tamper-resistant features to ensure reliability and accuracy, including proximity, motion, skin-contact sensors, fiber-optic strap detection, and more. Officers can also be alerted to violations via email, smartphone, or tablet. Combined, these technologies deliver comprehensive protection against client tampering and help ensure system integrity.

Backed By The Best

To support your electronic monitoring program, BI’s Monitoring Operations call center delivers the most experienced, in-depth, and talented team of technical and support specialists 24x7 nationwide.