Company Overview

Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is the largest provider of GPS, alcohol and RF technology and services in the United States. BI offers a full continuum of monitoring technologies and related supervision services for parolees, probationers, pretrial defendants, and illegal aliens involved in the immigration process. Our innovative products and services assist more than 1,000 agencies nationwide.

BI is part of the GEO Group’s GEO Care division.  GEO Care delivers accountability and change for correctional agencies seeking flexible solutions that enhance public safety and contain costs.  GEO Care is the leader in technology, programming, and innovation, offering comprehensive approaches to manage, rehabilitate, and treat adults and youth in community corrections and immigration proceedings.

Products and Services

BI offers correctional agencies more than a dozen compliance technologies that can be applied in flexible configurations, including:

  • GPS ankle bracelet monitoring solutions offering advanced multi-location technology and tamper-detection features to enhance offender compliance.
  • Court admissible, transdermal and breath alcohol monitoring devices to accurately test sobriety.
  • Accurate radio frequency solutions, ideal for monitoring compliance to curfews and other defined locations.
  • Electronic monitoring software solutions that provide agencies with offender analytics, a mobile app designed to effectively enhance supervision, and a web-based offender monitoring platform.
  • Equipment-free, automated voice verification system to effectively monitor offenders using biometric voiceprints.
  • An array of offender monitoring services, including monitoring operations, administrative support, data management, and reentry services to meet each agency’s unique needs and budgets.


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A Trusted Partner

Proven Experience and Industry Leadership

BI consistently delivers exceptional quality products and services tailored to help agencies relieve jail overcrowding and enhance public safety. As a Federal, State and County government agency partner and collaborator since 1978, BI thoroughly understands and meets the unique requirements of the criminal justice population.

Dedication to Quality and Excellence

BI is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in order to provide best-value products and services to our customers. Our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) status allows us to directly troubleshoot and replace equipment, ensuring no interruption to an agency’s program. This focus on quality manufacturing and control of our products sets us apart.


The design, production, installation, and support of our electronic ISO_9001_COLmonitoring solutions are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international symbol of excellence. The focus on quality manufacturing and control of our product sets us apart.

BI conducts internal and external audits on a frequent basis to further strengthen our operational processes, improve our performance, and increase overall communication.

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Partnering with BI enables agencies to leverage the breadth of our resources, and expert partnerships across the U.S., providing them with innovative monitoring options that meet their goals and budgets, and fit the risks and needs of the criminal population.

Outstanding Monitoring Support

Our monitoring specialists undergo rigorous training and certification for all systems and procedures to troubleshoot hundreds of thousands of alerts and calls monthly. BI Monitoring Operations provides 24/7 state-of-the-art call center support for agencies and individuals under community supervision across the U.S. BI customer support ensures agencies receive top-notch service from responsive and knowledgeable professionals who deliver the industry’s highest level of customer service.

Superior Agency Training

Our trainers are highly qualified, certified, experienced subject matter experts. From initial program implementation to refresher courses, BI works hard to ensure that every agency is getting the most out of its program. Training courses and materials are designed to address the most important facets of hardware and software to assist officers with every aspect of managing electronic monitoring clients.


BI participates in cooperative purchasing agreements, including U.S. Communities and GSA Advantage. BI partners with Sprint, Verizon, and Google for  superior technology in our GPS and mapping products.

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