Our Solutions

BI Incorporated has a long history of staying ahead of technological trends to meet evolving supervision needs. Our continuum of future-ready products and solutions can be configured to address the needs of agencies of all sizes.

Community Corrections

Strengthening Communities

BI is the largest manufacturer of electronic monitoring devices for individuals on parole, probation, or pretrial release. We work closely with community corrections agencies to reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and strengthen the communities we serve.

Prison & Jail Overcrowding

Proven Alternatives to Detention

Our full continuum of products and services support agencies that face overcrowding issues and exhausted correctional budgets. As criminal justice reform continues to shift more individuals to community supervision, BI provides agencies and officers with cutting-edge case management software and support services to manage larger caseloads and more challenging clients.

Bail Reform & Pretrial Monitoring

Keep Pretrial Defendants Accountable

Judges, probation, and pretrial agencies need solutions that hold individuals accountable as they await trial. Our proven pretrial solutions are tailored to help manage individual risk while maximizing public safety, increase court appearances, and promote individual engagement and community stabilization.

Family Law

Maintain Custody & Visitation Rights

In divorce, custody, or visitation cases, when a parent’s alcohol issues are called into question, the ability to care for children becomes a concern. Judges, family law attorneys, alternate dispute arbitrators, or social service agencies can regularly require parents to take sobriety tests. The right alcohol detection tools can result in sound custody and visitation decisions.

Progressive Technology

Future-Ready Products

Technology is not slowing down, and neither are the BI engineers. We continue to lead the community corrections field in an era of rapid technological innovation, and we have worked diligently to integrate Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology into our present and future products, including GPS, alcohol, and RF solutions.

Advanced Integration

Secure Software

As an organization at the forefront of technology and systems security, BI is dedicated to adhering to the highest security standards, surpassing rigorous Federal security and compliance benchmarks to ensure the protection of our systems and data.

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