The Importance of FedRAMP™ and NIST for Community Corrections

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Community corrections programs are on the frontline of a central mission—helping individuals find their way back to productive, crime-free lives. Services and resources, such as electronic monitoring, play a key role in maximizing client success.

The sensitive nature of the data and operations involved in community corrections demands a steadfast commitment to robust cybersecurity measures.

Two key pillars that set those security benchmarks are the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security standards.

FedRAMP: Secure Cloud Solutions

FedRAMP was established in 2011 to provide a cost-effective, risk-based approach for the adoption and use of cloud services by the federal government and federal agencies.

The goals of FedRAMP are as follows:

  • Accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions through reuse of assessments and authorizations
  • Improve confidence in the security of cloud solutions and security assessments
  • Achieve consistent security authorizations using a baseline set of agreed-upon standards for cloud product approval in or outside of FedRAMP
  • Ensure consistent application of existing security practices
  • Increase automation and use of near real-time data for continuous monitoring

NIST: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Guidance

According to their website, NIST was founded in 1901 and is now part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST is one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories. Congress established the agency to remove a major challenge to U.S. industrial competitiveness at the time—a second-rate measurement infrastructure that lagged the capabilities of the United Kingdom, Germany, and other economic rivals.

Today, NIST measurements support the smallest of technologies to the largest and most complex of human-made creations—from nanoscale devices so tiny that tens of thousands can fit on the end of a single human hair up to earthquake-resistant skyscrapers and global communication networks.

The FedRAMP security controls are based on NIST SP 800-53 baselines and contain controls, parameters, and guidance above the NIST baseline that address the unique elements of cloud computing.

Three Key Benefits of FedRAMP & NIST

Adopting FedRAMP and NIST standards carries three key benefits:

1. Enhanced security: By leveraging FedRAMP-authorized cloud solutions and implementing NIST-aligned security controls, community corrections programs can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other security incidents.

2. Compliance and accountability: Adherence to FedRAMP and NIST standards demonstrates a commitment to compliance and accountability, which is essential in maintaining the trust of the agencies, individuals on community supervision, and the broader communities served.

3. Improved efficiency and effectiveness: Streamlined processes, automated security controls, and centralized data management enabled by FedRAMP and NIST-compliant solutions can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of community corrections programs.

BI Incorporated Migrates to FedRAMP-authorized Platform to Deliver Benefits to Agencies

In 2024, BI will complete a migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’re naturally excited about this move as it will place BI and our public sector partners at the forefront of the best-in-cloud technology.

Moreover, by moving to a FedRAMP authorized cloud infrastructure, BI and our customers will inherit a higher level of security for the physical infrastructure. BI is responsible for ensuring adherence to NIST 800-53 and applying the appropriate security controls for handling sensitive information and protecting privacy from end-to-end. Key factors include:

  • Outstanding reliability: Renowned for its consistent reliability and dependable service, the AWS platform enables BI to benefit from, and in turn, provide our public sector partners with a significant increase in uptime.
  • Top-tier security: With over 300 security, compliance, and governance services, as well as 143 security standards and certifications at hand, BI can elevate data security for federal, state, and county agencies.
  • Fast performance: BI and the community corrections agencies we serve will benefit from lower latency and improved performance between officers, client devices, and our applications.
  • Scalability: BI and supervising agencies will be able to grow and expand without limitations as well as quickly adapt to changing demands and federal guidelines.
  • The latest in cloud technology: Through constant enhancements, offerings, and innovations, BI and the agencies we serve will benefit from cutting-edge solutions to drive ever greater efficiencies.

For more information on the AWS migration or to discuss your agency’s needs, please contact us.


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