A Community-Based EM Office

An electronic monitoring office in your community can help drive offender accountability while allowing officers time to manage challenging caseloads. BI Incorporated offers you the BI Electronic Monitoring Office, where our staff can support you to ensure offenders are following schedules, curfews, and other location-monitoring conditions of release.

EM Offices

Let Us Handle the Details

A BI EM office includes a local facility, professional staff, and a continuum of industry-leading electronic monitoring technologies to address specific offender behaviors and needs. We deliver complete equipment installation and removal services and around the clock monitoring support.

Backed By 24x7 Support

BI Incorporated offers a comprehensive offender billing package to assist agencies in collecting fees from clients enrolled in electronic monitoring. Our Self-Pay Program includes detailed invoices, online reports, and flexibility in determining rates and payment options.

EM Offices
BI Em Office - Electronic Monitoring Office

Support with the Offender-Funded Option

Some agencies require offenders to contribute to the cost of the electronic monitoring equipment. Called the offender-funded option, a BI EM office can help manage the details of offender payments that can help defray the cost of your program.

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