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Easy-to-use and highly configurable to match individual profiles, BI ExacuTrack®One is the ultimate GPS tracking system for offenders being supervised in the community. When you need to know where an offender is, or has been, BI ExacuTrack One is the quality choice for flexibility and reliability.

The Innovative RF Beacon

The beacon, our cordless transmitter, enhances ExacuTrack One’s reliability, reduces cost, and saves on power consumption. When the individual wearing the ExacuTrack One ankle-bracelet enters an area where the beacon is located (home, school or work), the tracking system intuitively switches to radio-frequency monitoring, a reliable, low-cost communication mode.

ExacuTrack One beacon - House Arrest
GPS-Cellular Monitoring Technology

Multiple Location Monitoring

ExacuTrack One is the only GPS electronic monitoring system to combine autonomous GPS, assisted GPS, and AFLT (Advanced Forward Link Trilateration) to maintain an accurate position on the monitored individual, even in demanding environments. Our omni-directional antenna delivers superior signal reception, and our field-replaceable battery provides up to 80 hours of battery life with each charge, helping to drive offender compliance.

User-Friendly Mapping Features

ExacuTrack One enables officers to draw specific zones in any shape through Google Maps Platform, which has the industry-leading mapping technologies. Officers simply use a mouse to draw points on a map screen to create zones—in any shape, size, or color code.

Google Maps State County City 3D 2D Ankle Bracelet Software

Alerts Tailored To Your Needs

The ExacuTrack One ankle bracelet offers numerous tamper-resistant features including the industry’s only true GPS jamming detection capability. Alert notifications are tailored to your needs, including pager, email, smartphones, or a combination of these methods. Event pairing enables officers to focus on critical alerts and higher risk cases. Officers may also send pre-recorded voice messages to offenders through the tracking unit, useful for appointment reminders or to notify an offender upon entering a forbidden zone.

Backed By the Best

BI Monitoring Operations call center serves agencies nationwide. Our highly experienced and talented team of technical and support specialists are available 24x7. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best meet their
unique needs.

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