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BI LOC8® XT, the latest GPS tracking system from BI, improves ease of use and provides agencies with detailed information about a client’s movement in the community. This rugged and dependable tracking device is equipped with LTE technology to meet agencies’ future needs.


Upgraded Battery Performance

LOC8 XT provides upgraded battery performance through a non-removable battery and extended battery life - up to 60-hours of performance on a single charge. The battery withstands environmental influences and requires minimal interaction from the user.

Long-Term Solution

BI delivers future-ready solutions by incorporating Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology in its products increase data capacity, transfer speed, and network longevity.


Enhanced Tamper Detection

LOC8 XT’s enhanced tamper detection promptly alerts officers if the equipment is manipulated or damaged. Multi-tamper detection features include strap, device case, and BI-exclusive proximity tamper.

Cordless Charging in Under Two Hours

Clients can conveniently charge the device with a cordless, attachable recharger in two hours or less.


Multiple Location Technologies for Complete Community Coverage

LOC8 XT utilizes various technologies including Autonomous GPS, Assisted GPS, and CellLocate® allowing officers to accurately pinpoint an individual’s location in near real-time. In densely populated urban locations or where GPS is impaired,
Wi-Fi detection ability takes over to identify location.

Beacon Option

Agencies can pair LOC8 XT with our compact beacon, an encrypted RF link in a client’s home. When the device enters the beacon range, the RF link activates, and the tracking unit enters a lower power state. When LOC8 no longer detects the beacon, it immediately returns to GPS acquisition.


Intuitive Monitoring Software

BI TotalAccess® is a single software interface that includes intuitive case management, analytical tools, and a dynamic mobile app. Officers with GPS caseloads can access industry-leading mapping technologies integrated with BI TotalAccess. Google Maps® enables officers to easily build zones, track client movements, identify issues requiring an immediate attention, and view a client’s GPS points and location history in 2D and 3D views.

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