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BI TotalAccess® is a secure, web-based software that provides agencies with quality case management tools 24x7. A dynamic mobile app, configurable case management services, and predictive analysis make TotalAccess the premiere electronic monitoring software in the industry. Whether you are on a desktop or mobile device, one login grants you instant visibility and management of all BI products—all to place you in control of client monitoring.

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To use the app, you will need to authenticate your smartphone in BI TotalAccess.


Manage Your Caseload from Anywhere

BI TotalAccess Mobile, an innovative officer application, can be downloaded onto a mobile device to make supervising your caseload from anywhere a reality. Designed for officers, TotalAccess Mobile incorporates the latest software application technology to meet officer needs. Through the app you can quickly and efficiently manage alerts and schedules, see a client’s GPS points, location history, zones, and generate case notes – all from your mobile device. Additional features include video conferencing and in-app messaging, push notifications, field visits, and more.

Time-Saving Administrative Support Services

BI Agency Assist® support services save you time by relieving you of time-intensive administrative tasks so you can shift focus to high-risk clients. Our support center has highly trained, bilingual specialists available to assist you 24x7. Key services available in TotalAccess include automated self-reporting, contact documentation, scheduling, and enhanced monitoring. A true staff-multiplier, Agency Assist expands agency resources and enhances efficiency. Learn More


Identify and Prioritize High-Risk Offenders

The BI Analytics® Suite, available in TotalAccess, analyzes live and historical data to identify offender risk based on equipment, behavior, and travel patterns. BI Analytics drills down through client data, allowing officers to identify and resolve problems before they happen. Learn More


Advanced Mapping and Location Monitoring Made Easy

Officers with GPS caseloads can access sophisticated mapping technologies integrated with BI TotalAccess. Google Maps® enables officers to easily build zones, track client movements, identify issues requiring immediate attention, and access a client’s GPS points and location history in 2D and 3D views.

Comprehensive Reporting for Fast Action

BI TotalAccess reports provide officers with real-time insight into clients’ behavior and movement and help track anomalies so that they can quickly make informed decisions. Standard reports allow you to review client activity, alert summaries, caseload statistics, inventory status, and more.


Monitoring Support and Training

BI Monitoring Operations provides agencies with 24x7, state-of-the-art call center support managed by live, highly trained, bilingual support specialists. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best fit their unique needs. BI conducts officer-training sessions at initial setup, and offers sessions several times per week, tailored for beginners and advanced users. Learn More

International Monitoring Host Option

For agencies outside the U.S. to meet the requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), BI provides a robust and flexible solution. The BI host system, located at the agency site, supports all BI electronic monitoring equipment.

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