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From initial program implementation to refresher courses, BI works hard to ensure that every agency is getting the most out of its program. Courses and materials are designed to address the most important facets of hardware and software to assist officers with every aspect of managing electronic monitoring clients.

BI Training - training department

Our Experience Speaks For Itself

With an average tenure of eight years, the BI training staff is dedicated to making your electronic monitoring a success. More than 5,000 officers are trained annually on every product, including equipment, software, reports, and data analysis. With this experience behind you, you can be sure your program is well supported.

Training To Fit Your Learning Style

Officers who oversee clients on electronic monitoring are busy. We’ve tailored our training to meet their learning styles—practical and relevancy-oriented. And, we work with each agency to tailor training to their goals and objectives. That way, officers learn efficiently while maintaining focus on their critical caseload management.

BI Training Manuals
BI Training-Designed For Your Convenience

Designed For Your Convenience

Upon completion of initial program set-up, BI provides multiple training methods, including online sessions available 24x7, webinars, or on-site classes. This allows officers to attend training sessions at their leisure. Dedicated account representatives work in conjunction with the BI training department to provide on-site support and training as needed.

No Topic Too Small

Our training department has designed dozens of training modules to help you maximize your electronic monitoring program. From the basics of GPS tracking to using TotalAccess Point in Time, our experts cover every topic at a level that matches your needs. And if your specific topic doesn't appear on our list of trainings, we'll organize a session to address it. Contact us today to get a copy of our training schedule.

BI Training - training department
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