For information about product warranties, contact the Customer Business Service department at 800-241-5178. For technical support, call 800-241-9924. If you would like to return equipment to BI for repair or replacement, please follow the procedure below.
  • Download the online Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request form or contact BI Customer Business Service at 800-241-5178 to obtain an RMA number. The RMA Request requires Acrobat Reader. Download the RMA Request (PDF)
  • Complete the online form, then click the Submit button to request a RMA number by email from the BI Customer Business Service department.
  • Download and print the RMA form. The RMA is available in PDF and requires Acrobat Reader. Download the RMA (PDF)
  • Fill in all the appropriate information on the RMA form, including return address and a detailed description of the problem.
  • Include the RMA number in the appropriate location on the RMA form.
  • Make a copy of your completed RMA form and retain it for your records.
  • Enclose the original RMA form in the shipping container with the equipment you are returning
    to BI.
Please Note:
  • Shipments arriving at BI for service will not be accepted without a completed RMA form and pre-authorized RMA number printed on the package.
  • BIOHAZARD ALERT! For units exposed to BIOHAZARD risks such as TB, HIV, MRSA, or Hepatitis, please place unit in a securely enclosed watertight zip lock bag and then place in a second securely enclosed watertight zip lock bag. Label the second bag as BIOHAZARD and include the unit’s serial number.

Ship equipment to:
BI Incorporated
6265 Gunbarrel Ave, Suite B
Boulder, CO 80301

Product Service Policy
  • For non-warranty customers, BI will fax a letter stating the assessment with an accurate invoice amount for the repair.
  • A minimum charge will be applied for all non-warranty equipment returned for estimate, even if no repair is authorized.

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