Made in America Matters

Made in America Matters

BI Incorporated is the largest manufacturer of electronic monitoring systems and has provided innovative technology solutions from Boulder, Colorado, since 1978. We work closely with community corrections agencies monitoring individuals on parole, probation, or pretrial release to help reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and strengthen the communities we serve.

BI is proud to employ over 1,000 highly trained professionals in the U.S. including manufacturing technicians, call center personnel, engineers, software developers, and more. BI also supports several communities through our local supplier partnerships. All material suppliers are U.S.-based and managed locally, with a focus on small, minority, and disadvantaged enterprises. These local partnerships create employment opportunities for several thousand U.S. workers.

Our in-house manufacturing staff benefit from training programs to maintain and advance their skills. These programs adhere to rigorous Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) standards, acknowledged globally as a best practice standard, to enhance our personnel value and craftsmanship. There are only 3,600 certified IPC trainers globally, and BI is pleased to have one as a full-time asset to our team. BI believes in investing in the future of America’s workforce and hosts an annual technology training program for middle and high school students.

Customer service is a top priority. BI has two internal call centers located in the Midwest to provide nationwide coverage and support 24/7, to meet the needs of our public sector partners. Operating our own call centers gives BI an edge in delivering the industry’s highest level of customer service, while employing hundreds here in the U.S. Plus, our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) status enables us to directly troubleshoot and replace equipment without sending anything overseas, making our customer service even more efficient and customer-friendly.

When you buy American-made, you are not only supporting American workers, but you are also supporting ethical working conditions, workers’ rights, child labor laws, and environmental regulations. U.S. production standards are in place intentionally to protect both workers and consumers. Domestic manufacturers must follow stricter guidelines pertaining to quality control and labor laws. Additionally, shipping products from overseas produces a tremendous amount of fossil fuel emission and pollution. By purchasing American-made goods, you play a part in supporting the economy, environment, and human rights.

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