BI Incorporated Stays Ahead of the Game as LTE Technology Becomes the Future of Community Corrections

BI Becomes the Future of Community Corrections with LTE Technology

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a new buzzword in the technology world, and for good reason. LTE has changed the way the world connects–devices are faster, big data is more accessible, and service seems boundless. Technology is not slowing down, and neither are the software engineers at BI Incorporated.

Since 1987, electronic monitoring devices have utilized the major cellular systems, Global Systems for Mobiles (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). With the continual advancement of wireless technology, LTE soon replace GSM and CDMA systems. By 2022, the older wireless systems will be obsolete, making electronic monitoring devices without LTE technology practically inoperative.

Key Benefits for Community Corrections

LTE technology uses different radio interfaces to increase capacity and speed resulting in:

  • Higher bandwidth/data speed compared to 3G
  • Low latency/lower idle-to-active times
  • High spectrum efficiency, which provides a higher network capacity and improves cost efficiency
  • Backwards compatibility/futureproofing to increase flexibility and lifespan
  • An all-IP network allows for easier integration and cost-efficiency

While some companies continue to operate equipment using GSM or CDMA systems, BI has worked diligently to integrate LTE into its present and future products, including our GPS, alcohol, and RF solutions. Our partnership with Verizon provides a strategic advantage to the most modern and reliable cellular capabilities in the market. BI continues to lead the community corrections field in an era of rapid technological innovation, and we are committed to delivering reliable and relevant solutions to our state, city, and county partners.


This rugged and dependable GPS tracking device provides agencies with detailed information about a client’s movement in the community. Key features include Wi-Fi detection ability, LTE technology, and tamper detection capabilities.


Monitoring for sobriety in discrete and convenient ways helps individuals remain compliant to conditions of release. BI SL3® is a sophisticated, handheld alcohol monitoring device that incorporates powerful technology to drive compliance and accountability.

BI HomeGuard® 20|20

In use for more than 30 years, radio frequency electronic monitoring is used worldwide. This latest innovation from BI takes RF monitoring to a new level, enhancing durability, reliability, and communication to support officers and clients.

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