Increased Data Security: Progressive Integrations Vital for Today’s Agency Case Management

Increased Data Security

As innovative technology solutions continue to progress at record speed, measures must be implemented to secure and protect sensitive data. The pace of technological transformation is not slowing down, and new technologies are emerging almost daily. The average life span of software is four to six years, with similar apps lasting less than half of that.1

There has been a global surge of cybersecurity breaches since 2020. The dependency on technology, due to more companies and employees working remotely, presented an opportunity for hackers and made companies extra vulnerable. Notable security breaches in 2021 include Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, and Apple’s business partner, Quanta. According to Harvard Business Review, there was an exponential increase in cyberattacks from the previous year. Ransom attacks grew by 150%, and the amount of dollars paid by victims increased by 300%2. The need to develop and implement a proactive approach to security standards and regulations has become the norm across all industries, and this is especially true for community corrections and electronic monitoring where data security is critical.

Today, identity-centric security has become one of the most significant topics in the IT industry. Jay Gazlay, a technical strategist at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency spoke to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Security and Privacy Advisory board about its importance. “Identity is everything now. We can talk about our network defenses, we can talk about the importance of firewalls and network segmentation, but really, identity has become the boundary, and we need to start readdressing our infrastructures in that manner.”3

Our Approach & Commitment to Security

BI Incorporated works diligently to develop and optimize software solutions that safeguard agency and client data. As the world becomes more digitized and more individuals are released to community supervision, BI prioritized cloud adoption and adding proper layers of security to protect our systems.

Software Enhancements Reduce Security Risks & Benefit Users

Our May BI TotalAccess® software release focused on user authentication and access. Using technology from Okta, the world’s leader for cloud identity management services, BI is equipped to provide a more secure authentication process for users and the ability to provide multi-factor authentication features. These features simplify the log-in process, eliminate the need to remember and/or change passwords, and dramatically reduce the concerns of cybersecurity breaches and unauthorized access to the TotalAccess system.

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