BI VeriWatch® Takes Manhattan

Among its many goals, Executive Order 14074 calls for alternatives to jail detention for individuals awaiting case resolutions, provided they pose no flight or community danger risk. Such an alternative, BI VeriWatch®, took center stage in the Community Corrections Chase (C3) held at the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) summer conference in New York City.

BI Incorporated was invited to showcase the tracking capabilities of BI VeriWatch, in the Community Corrections Chase (C3), at the APPA summer conference in New York City. This is the first time a wrist-worn device was featured in the scavenger hunt.

APPA’s C3 interactive learning experience is a take on the popular CBS show, Amazing Race, where contestants “race” to win a prize. In APPA’s competition, community corrections/supervision professionals teamed up to “chase” knowledge about practices, theories, and policies that increase their understanding of the industry.

It’s All in the Wrist

Although VeriWatch is more compact than a traditional ankle bracelet, it has the ability to maintain connectivity even in the most difficult of landscapes like New York City. VeriWatch features Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), plus, Wi-Fi triangulation as a backup if GNSS signal is impeded, for example, in the NYC subway system.

Due to the abundance of Wi-Fi networks in large urban areas, this is an excellent backup for location when line-of-site cannot be maintained for satellite tracking,” said Todd Bischoff, BI Product Manager and BI Innovation Council member.

The VeriWatch offers a battery life comparable to that of an Apple Watch, with an average duration of around 16 hours. However, this duration can be extended to up to 24 hours when paired with a portable transfer battery. Notably, the transfer battery adds approximately 1.5 extra charges to the watch, enabling individuals to use the VeriWatch for almost two days without needing a recharge.

VeriWatch Chronicles: Tracking the C3 Adventure in Real-time

C3 started in Times Square, and users wearing the devices took various routes including the subway to the financial district in lower Manhattan, where the scavenger hunt took place. There were five teams using five different routes.

For example, one route went from 26 Federal Plaza to the New York County Courthouse on 60 Centre St. to 89 Broadway to 22 Broad St. to 26 Broadway to 33 Beaver St., to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and ending back in Times Square.

The central command center was back at the Marriot Marquis, where a row of computers displayed live tracking of each team. Curious conference attendees at the hotel were drawn to the screens, their interest piqued by the innovative technology in action.

Upon return to the Marriot Marquis, teams eagerly confirmed their routes, but the tracking didn’t stop there. The VeriWatch documented their entry and exit points in the city’s intricate subway system, adding another layer of tracking data.

The C3 event not only brought a unique and fun experience to the participants, but also highlighted VeriWatch’s fusion of cutting-edge technology with professional development.

Elevate Supervision & Enhance Knowledge with BI VeriWatch

Enrich your electronic monitoring program with a real-time tracking option for low- to medium-risk clients. Download the VeriWatch fact sheet, and reach out to schedule your personalized product demo.

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